Halloween: Six Spooky SE Twenty Recipes

A grand Halloween party might not be possible this year, but a few sweet treats remain a must. Thankfully for you, SE Twenty has found some simple and equally delicious recipes for the whole family to have a go at this October. Seeing as Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, why not make a day of it? We have spooky starters, monstrous mains, devilish desserts and even some creepy cocktails to make sure your 2020 Halloween banquet is one to remember.

Halloween Breadstick Bones

Breadsticks are a classic snack you can easily replicate yourself, while adding a Halloween inspired twist. Using a simple recipe – or pre-prepared dough – roll it into long sausages before cutting and shaping the ends. Add a generous layer of cheese for some extra crunch, as well as using some guacamole and tomato salsa dips to give your scrumptious skeleton bones an extra kick of flavour.

See the recipe here.

Jalapeno Popper Mummies

These creepily cute jalapeno popper mummies are the perfect appetiser or side for your main dish. Making use of some ready-made shortcrust pastry, bandage your jalapenos with a combo filling of cream cheese and scallion. This ghoulishly gooey appetiser is most enjoyed hot, so make sure to serve them straight from the oven.

See the recipe here.

Mummified Meatballs in Skin Coffins

Continuing with the theme, these mummified meatballs in human (potato) skin coffins make for a deliciously filling addition to your main course. Using as many medium sized russet potatoes as you feel you need, scoop out the insides and place in either your homemade or ready-made meatballs. Again, add a healthy layer of stringy cheese bandages to make your meatball mummies come alive with flavour.

See the recipe here.

Petrifying Pizzas

Let your little witches and wizards experiment with a variety of toppings for these Halloween pizzas. Like the breadstick bones, use a simple dough recipe, or feel free to buy pre-prepared. If you wish, separate the dough and role the pieces to make 3 or 4 smaller pizzas. Spread some passata and scatter the mozzarella before adding terrifying toppings of your choice – perhaps whole black olives as spider bodies, and olive slices as legs.

See the recipe here.

Creepy Cupcakes

 For any keen bakers, these creepy black velvet cupcakes are the perfect post-dinner treat. Once you’ve made your mix, separate it into tins and bake the cakes until they are risen and springy to the touch. Add a layer of homemade black buttercream and design your own witch’s cat or, alternatively, get creative with a variety of chewy sweet toppings and make some frightening faces.

See the recipe here.

Halloween Jekyll and Gin Cocktails

After a day of cooking and entertaining the kids, you deserve to relax. Perhaps pop into SE Twenty Café for a well-earned drink and a bite to eat. If you’d prefer to spend the full day at home, these Jekyll and Gin cocktails are a great way to conclude the evening. Simply mixing gin, lemon juice and grenadine in a cocktail shaker, this drink will be ready to serve in no time. Pour the mix into a large glass filled with ice before topping it with tonic water. Feel free to drop in a glowstick for an added ghostly effect, and enjoy!

See the recipe here.

We’d love to see you’re your creations this Halloween, so go ahead and share them with us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Also, feel free to have a read of our other blogs here.